The history of Horcher restaurants traces back to 1904, when founder Gustav Horcher opened the doors to his first restaurant in Berlin. Years later, his son, Otto would take the helm of this restaurant, before going on to expand the family business and opening the first restaurant in Spain.

Horcher Madrid has been serving
its clients authentic seasonal dishes opposite
the Retiro Park since 1943.

When Gustav first opened his restaurant on Calle Martín Lutherstrasse, he could never have imagined that one hundred years later his grandson, also Gustav (the current owner), would also be managing a Horcher Restaurant next to the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, let alone that his great grand-daughter Elisabeth, would become the fourth generation to run this prestigious establishment.

Since the chain was first founded, there have been a lot of changes in Germany, Europe and across the globe. Over the past century, many of the world’s most celebrated figures have passed through the doors of Horcher restaurants in Vienna, London, Oslo, Riga, Tallinn, Lisbon and Madrid.

Its underlying ethos is all about fine dining,
hard work and ensuring that clients enjoy a unique
gastronomic experience time and time again.

Despite these changes, many other traditions have withstood the test of time over the course of the past century. Horcher has played a defining role in Spain’s modern haute-cuisine scene, and served renowned figures such as Sofía Loren, Víctor de la Serna, John Wayne and Salvador Dalí.

Its magnificent game dishes, such as pressed partridge (perdiz a la prensa) and the traditional Baumkuchen (a German layered cake made in the restaurant), are some of the restaurant’s classic signature dishes not to be missed.

The 4th Generation

Today, the fourth generation of the Horcher family, led by Elisabeth Horcher, continue to run one of the most iconic family restaurants in international fine dining.

Both Elisabeth, the Maître D’s, Blas Benito and Raúl Rodríguez, and the head chefs, Miguel Hermann and Javier Mora, instill all their heartfelt passion into their work to ensure the essence of Horcher’s winning culinary traditions live on.